Sam's Sweet Treats is owned and operated by Sam, an 18-year-old from Katy, TX. Sam is bright, funny, fearless and especially sweet! Sam was born with a cleft lip and palate and was diagnosed with a chromosome 18q deletion at age two. As a result, she is deaf, nonverbal and has severe intellectual and developmental delays. She also has autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, vision impairment and epilepsy.

Sam's journey through life hasn't been a "perfect" or "easy" one. There have been several twists and turns, but her parents continue navigating this journey, advocating for her and enriching her life with much love and a variety of activities. 

Sam is a super senior at her high school. Sam loves school. Her favorite subject is collaborative PE, an adapted PE class where she is integrated with her peers. She also enjoys deaf education, vision therapy and music therapy. Outside of school, Sam loves swimming and is a Special Olympics Texas athlete in aquatics. She is also an amazing, fearless surfer, enjoys horseback riding, roller coasters and car rides! In addition, Sam is currently serving as a PEARLS Ambassador for the non-profit organization, Positive Exposure, illuminating the path for all to celebrate, understand and embrace the beauty and richness of human diversity.

Sam is quite passionate and particular about her snacks! Her favorites include soft pretzels, crunchy pretzels, buttered popcorn, cereal, cheese puffs and dinner rolls. She also enjoys iced water and fizzy drinks! 

Sam's Sweet Treats was an idea developed by Sam's amazing friend and loving, enthusiastic care provider, Anna Celeste. Her belief in Sam's strengths and abilities and her goal to empower Sam to thrive in the community were the basis for this idea, one that brought Sam's parents to happy tears because they both firmly believe that Sam has value and purpose in this world.

All sweets, snacks and sips are 100% Sam approved and have been thoroughly tested and tasted by the resident snack expert, Sam, herself! Supporting Sam's Sweet Treats not only supports Sam in her endeavor to spread smiles and joy by sharing her favorite snacks with the world, but also spreads a truth long known by those who know Sam - individuals with special needs are incredibly worthy, talented and capable and once they have a sweet idea, nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. 

At Sam's Sweet Treats:"Love is sharing your popcorn" - Charles Schultz